Crash and Ride: Episode 11 – Susie Ulrey

I interviewed Susie Ulrey from the band Pohgoh! She’s a guitarist and singer/songwriter who is living with Multiple Sclerosis. She’s a huge inspiration to me as she continues to create great art and thrive despite living with a disease that robs her of her mobility and peace of mind.

After our interview, she sent me this fantastic poem and I asked her if I could include it in the show notes:

The Thing Is | Ellen Bass  

to love life,

to love it 


when you have no 

stomach for it and everything you’ve 

held dear 

crumbles like burnt 

paper in your hands, 

your throat filled

with the silt of it. 

When grief sits with you, 

its tropical heat 

thickening the air, heavy

 as water 

more fit for gills than


when grief weights you 

like your own flesh 

only more of it, an 

obesity of grief, 

you think, How can a 

body withstand this? 

Then you hold life like a 


between your palms, a 

plain face, 


charming smile, no violet eyes, 

and you 

say, yes, I will 

take you 

I will love you, again.

You can listen to Pohgoh here: