Crash and Ride – Episode 42: Timi Conley

This week’s interview is with Timi Conley, guitarist and singer for the band Timi Conley and the Wonderland Rangers, formerly of Kite to the Moon, and Athens band The Fuzzy Sprouts. Timi is also the founder of the annual Athens Halloween Festival, the Wild Rumpus. Timi talks about his father’s PTSD and Bi-Polar behavior, as well as the devastation he experienced at the death of his mother.

And also, I get a little bent out of shape in the intro, and I’m not sorry.

In the episode, Timi references the work of Gabor Maté, which you can learn more about here:

We also discussed the book The Fantasy Bond, which can be found here:

And we also discuss the anxiety beavers feel when they hear the sound of running water, which you can read more about here: