Crash and Ride – Episode 43: Straight Down by The Glands

Hey, it’s my second episode in the new song explication series! This week I’m doing “Straight Down” by the Athens band The Glands. The Glands are one of those power pop phenomenons that somehow got overlooked by history, and yet are a FANTASTIC band. This song is one of their strongest. Recorded in 1999 by Ross Shapiro, Joe Rowe, and Craig McQuiston, engineered by Andy Baker, Straight Down is 3:18 of pure joy.

You get a little background on The Glands, some thoughts on Shapiro’s pathological avoidance of the spotlight from Athens photographer Jason Thrasher, and more of my terrible guitaring and thoughts on the origins of “angular” guitar.

Future episodes of the song explication series will be available only to $10 patrons! But your first taste is free! Check out Episode 41 if you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on the song “Born to Run”!