The Crash and Ride Playlist for the week of August 17th, 2019

These keep getting later because it’s back to school time and all that, but I still love you all.

Here’s this week’s playlist!

“How to Escape” – Lincoln Barr: This week’s guest is Lincoln Barr, a fantastic singer/songwriter who made his first mark in Seattle, but now resides in Columbia, SC. His album ‘Trembling Frames’ is a meditation on his life as the oldest child of a violent man. This song really brings home the feeling of wanting to escape from the wrath of someone who won’t protect you.

“Nothing But a Tail #2” – Lincoln Barr: Lincoln also composed the soundtrack for the film ‘The Past Is Never Dead’ and released those songs as the album ‘Cruel Dream.’ During the interview, Lincoln told me that the songs on the soundtrack are from the same sessions where he wrote the songs on ‘Trembling Frames.’ You can feel that same vibe, I think.

“Cruel Dream” – Lincoln Barr: One more instrumental track from the ‘Cruel Dream’ soundtrack. Super moody, meditative, dark stuff.

“Giving Up My Inheritance” – Lincoln Barr: One more track from ‘Trembling Frames,’ a song about resisting the cycle of sadness and violence that passes abuse from generation to generation.

“$10 Bill” – Mr Lewis and the Funeral 5: These guys are one of my favorite bands, and are labelmates of Five Eight on Chicken Ranch Records. The dark, post-jazz influence of Lincoln’s songs made me think of Mr Lewis, so I wanted to throw this tune on the playlist this week. This song always kills, live.

“White as Whispers” – Gray Hairs: A band I love from Nottingham in the UK, from the Gringo Records label. I love this guitar player, and he’s been in two of my favorite bands in the world. I kind of hope to have Chris on the show some time, but you know how the English areā€¦. not big on feelings talk.

“Rock and Roll Queen” – SheHeHe: Athens punk hellraisers, SheHeHe are so great. Guitarist and vocalist Noelle Shuck was a guest of the program back on Episode 6th. They play in and around Athens ALL THE TIME, so don’t sleep on this band.

“Jan 3” – Improvement Movement: Improvement Movement is Anthony Aparo (Episode 7) and a rotating cast of musical geniuses. I love their take on modern psychedelia. Tune in, turn on, kick ass.

“Billion Walkmans” – Lacy Jags: Speaking of modern psychedelia, Lacy Jags are friends from Chapel Hill. PDP played a couple of shows with them this summer and they are great. ‘Meddle’-era Pink Floyd meets The Church.

“It’s Only a Bargain if You Want It” – Des Ark: Way back on Episode 10, I talked to Evan Rowe, and he was sometimes drummer for Des Ark, a band I discovered back in the days of MySpace. I was always super into Des Ark and didn’t even know that I was being introduced to Aimee from this band once at Hopscotch, which is probably just as well, because I would have FANBOYED SO BADLY. Aimee is great and this is just one of the many great Des Ark songs.