The Crash and Ride Playlist for Sept 7th, 2019

Hey, this is late again, but things happen when you’re doing two episodes in one week! Better late than never!

Let’s do this!

  1. “Baby Bird” – Whores: This week’s guest is Christian Lembach, and Whores is his band. This blistering track is the lead-off track on the ‘Clean’ record, and captures the vulnerability and duplicity of self-destruction, and considering the content of the interview, I find it especially interesting.
  2. “Baby Teeth” – Whores: Y’know, sometimes when you’re on dope your teeth fall out. This song is rough, but incredibly cathartic.
  3. “Playing Poor” – Whores: What’s the opposite of “easy listening”? This is the opposite of “easy listening.”
  4. “Wires” – Red Fang: Christian mentioned touring with Red Fang. I love Red Fang. This song is by Red Fang. They rule.
  5. “Kubbbi” – Triple X Snaxxx: The analog synth gods of Chapel Hill bring you more bleep bloop goodness. I love this band. You should listen to more synth rock/kraut rock.
  6. “We Can’t Have Nice Things” – Kelly Hogan: From Kelly’s solo album from a few years ago. Her luminous, bell-like voice makes this song a stroke of tragic genius. She’s the best,
  7. “Pint of Wine” – LORDS: Another brilliant band who flared up like a Roman Candle and then vanished before most of the world even noticed. LORDS are, I guess, my favorite band, honestly. They’re just so good. They will be on a lot of these playlists.
  8. “Over Jordan” – Papa M: David Pajo is a survivor. This is the solo project of the former Slint member. Meditative, thoughtful, mournful, gorgeous. Hoping to get him on the show before the end of the year.
  9. “Noplace I” – Aidan Baker, Simon Goff, Thor Harris: The mighty Thor Harris’ improvisational project with Aidan Baker and Simon Goff. This is an improvisational band of multi-instrumentalists that met and recorded this album in three hours in Berlin.
  10. “Had/Have” – The Pauses: No, wait, THIS is my favorite band. This is the heartbreaker off their most recent album, ‘Unbuilding.” It captures so much of that sad, still feeling of a breakup, when your heart fills with rainwater and gravel.