The Crash and Ride Playlist for June 30th, 2019

“More of Us” –  Weisshund: This is one of the bands engineered and mixed by this week’s  guest, Richard Salino. They’re a remarkable band, with one of the best  drummers in America (Marlon Patton) playing both drums and Moog bass  pedals. True greatness.

“Big  Black Gun” – Dirty Heretics: Another Richard Salino project. This is a  track I don’t know a whole lot about, except that it sounds fantastic.

“Broken-Hearted  Dance” – Mr. Mustache: This is the very track that I talk about Richard  mixing when he was my “intern”, that made me realize that he had some  skills that he had been hiding. It holds up, here now almost ten years  later.

“It’s Relative” – Hunger Anthem: Pinky Doodle  Poodle played with this Athens band in Charlotte, last week, and they  were outstanding. Bassist/backing vocalist Margo Fortune is a true star.

“1-2-3,  Go!” – Pinky Doodle Poodle: This is the band that pays my rent, these  days! High energy rock and roll from Tokyo, Japan. Come see us on the  road!

“The Criminal Age” – Breakfast Cigarette: This  band opened for us at a club in Franklin, NC, and absolutely destroyed.  They remind me of Uncle Tupelo and Dawes and Sonic Youth, live.

“You  Don’t Have a Choice” – Easter Island: I was in this band for a hot  minute, and Richard and I engineered this session when we worked  together at Studio 1093 in Athens, GA. It was mixed by Grant Curry, my  guest on Episode 5!

“Wild Cherry Nightmare” –  Motherfucker: This is one of my favorite Athens bands, and a band I have  played many shows alongside. If you don’t know them, get on it. Their  drummer, Erika Rickson, is one of my favorite people in the world and  someone who I hope to have on the show, soon.

“Horrify”  – Friendship Commanders: This is a band with whom PDP has played  recently, and they are frankly amazing. A duo who somehow manages to  create a wall of sound equivalent to being run over by an alcohol-fueled  funny car, singer Buick Audra’s raw, elemental wail stabbed me right in  the heart. This band is life-changing.

“Do You  Wanna Dance” – The Girls: A band called “The Girls” that contains no  actual girls, this raw, high-energy group of young toughs reminded me  somehow of the New York Dolls in their heyday. Spirited, snotty, brassy,  fun. I saw a spontaneous teenage mosh pit materialize when they opened  for PDP in Wilmington, NC.

“Why Can’t Friends Just  Kiss on the Lips Sometimes?” – Secret Club: Recently, PDP played  Nashville at Betty’s Cafe, after the primary location for the show  closed unexpectedly. Secret Club opened. and their performance had the  heady lyricism of Elvis Costello with the raw energy of Surfer Rosa-era  Pixies.

“Another Saturday Night” – Endiana: Endiana  came down to Athens to do some drinking and then traveled with PDP to  Atlanta to play a show, and they blew my mind. This is easily my  favorite band from Indianapolis, and they combine the solid lyrical  prowess of Robert Earl Keen with the laconic, blue collar instrumental  skill of Nashville session players. Just a great band.