The Crash and Ride Playlist for July 20th, 2019

So, yeah, I know I’m writing this two days late, but I can explain, really. I mean, it won’t happen again. Well, maybe it will. Anyway, I’ve been on the road and my phone died. I mean, is dead. I have to get a new phone this week.

Here’s the Spotify playlist for July 20th, 2019! This week I released Episode 20, and I interviewed the band Friendship Commanders. They’re a power duo from Nashville. They recorded at Electrical Audio with Steve Albini. I think they’re amazing.

“Saw and Heard” – Friendship Commanders: These two move as one mind. It’s never more evident than on this track. Jerry is one of my favorite drummers. This rips.

“How to Spot a Coward” – Friendship Commanders: Hm, funny thing- this also rips. They are phenomenal live. You should see them.

“Horrify” – Friendship Commanders: This remains my favorite FC song, not least because of the great circular drum riff in the verse. I love the way it opens up in the chorus and surges forward, only to lock back into that circular feel in the verse again. Fuck the video for this song, though. Not a big fan of seeing someone I care about getting murdered, even if it’s all theatrical. Nope.

“Playing Poor” – Whores: Mr Sunshine, Christian Lembach, with another perfectly howling noise rock banger. I’m hoping to get him on the show, soon. This song feels to me like Unsane as played by a hemi ‘Cuda.

“Deluxe Electric Ninja Mistress” – Daikaiju: Pinky Doodle Poodle played with Daikaiju in Chattanooga, TN, at a club the size of the men’s room at CBGB, and yet it was one of the most magic and electric shows I’ve ever seen. This band is both literally and figuratively on fire. See them if they come to your town.

“Mad Tiger DX” – Peelander-Z: Thanks to our association with Chicken Ranch Records, Five Eight and Pinky Doodle Poodle have been able to play with Japanese punk party mayhem band Peelander-Z. Their live show is unforgettable and hugely fun.

“You Don’t Have a Choice” – Easter Island: I engineered and mixed “Better Things,” Easter Island’s first EP, then got asked to play drums for them after Jon Cable, their original drummer, left the band. This is from their second album, “Frightened,” which I also engineered and mixed, along with two former guests of the show, Grant Curry and Richard Salino. They’re currently on tour and I got to see them the other night. Their new bassist is just amazing, and their old bassist has moved to lead guitar. Dreamy, ethereal, pop shoegaze.

“(Eyes in the) Tap Room” – The Gary: PDP played with the Gary in Austin and they killed. I love this band. I love this song. Dave and Trey will always be two of my favorite people on the planet. This song, though. Holy shit.

“I’m Fucking Dick Dale” – Motherfucker: I have seen Athens noise rock trio Motherfucker absolutely laser beam a room on many, many occasions. This song is always a treat live. Sadly, drummer Erika couldn’t play Saturday night’s Slop Fest show due to a really terrible injury. She’s expected to make a full recovery, but y’all send good vibes and love. She’s one of my favorite people and I hope to do an interview with her soon.

“Leviathan, Bound” – Shearwater: This is one of Thor Harris’ many, many bands. I didn’t really know their work before I interviewed Thor, so I’m digging in. This is one of my favorite tracks, so far. Apparently, Thor can do anything.

“Sparrows” – The Low Lows: I played with Parker Noon’s band, The Low Lows, on an EU tour in 2006, and it was the best tour of my life. We toured as a three piece, did a bunch of dates in the UK, then went to France and Spain, and it was one of the finest experiences of my life. Parker is maybe too private to sit down with me for an interview, but I’m going to keep asking.