Crash and Ride is a long-form interview podcast where I talk to musicians who have survived anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, and any other form of mental illness or mental distress. I’m the host, Patrick Ferguson, and I’m a professional musician who has played drums for Vic Chesnutt, Mike Mills (REM), Chuck Leavell (Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones), the Psychedelic Furs, Athens GA’s Five Eight, Pinky Doodle Poodle from Tokyo, Japan, and a hundred other bands.

The podcast began in March of 2019 and has published weekly since then, with a brief break while I lost my mind during the first month or so of the Covid-19 crisis.

I am based out of Athens, GA, but I’m pretty much constantly on tour.

New episodes are released every Saturday at midnight.

You can find the current episode and all of the past episodes by searching for Crash and Ride on your favorite podcast app. OR you can find all of our episodes on the All Episodes page (I fall behind sometimes on that page, but I’m trying to keep up), or go to any of the following:

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